Go Lux Lodge supports community environmental conservation initiatives through Red Rocks Initiative for Sustainable Development, a non-profit organization committed to link conservation and tourism for community’s sustainable development


Environmental Conservation Initiative 

We worked with community partners and cooperatives to host farm tours and farm activities, like planting indigenous fruit trees and learning about domestic farm animals and horticulture. Protection and Preservation of endangered tree spices for tradition herbs and medical plants communities used to poach in National Parks, we have been and still establishing tree nursery bedding to supply to communities where at current we have supplied more than 100.000 tree seedlings to the communities adjacent to volcanoes National park. 

Arts for Conservation 

Art for conservation, the culture of the communities we serve are intricately tied to the natural world surrounding them. So we help local communities to preserve not only the volcanoes National park flora and fauna, through artisan of animals which can’t speak for itself, but also the historic cultures and traditional arts of the region, for communities to gain access to sustainable sources of income from tourism in order to install in them a sense of preserving the national park environment. 

Protection of land from degradation 

Communities adjacent to volcanoes national park depend on the small plots of land their own, so protecting  that small land from degradation,  prevents  them from encroaching the park, we initiated conservation and protection of their land from  degradation by tree planting in community gardens using Red Rocks Initiative of banana seed bags (Igihoho Seed Bags) made in banana backs which are biodegradable and can often be decomposed and are suitable for soil conservation, instead of petroleum-based plastic containers as well as preventing  it from soil erosion 


Learn more about our traditional bee hives and be introduced to herbs and plants that help cure different ailments, these plants depend on bees or other insects as pollinators. Learn how local honey is processed and understand the vital role of bees within the environment and promoting awareness of sustainable bee keeping 

Agro Tourism Activities 

Work on farmlands within the villages. It is an educational and fun experience for visitors. Locals will provide a unique adventure as well as providing more about the history, customs and culture of Rwandan’s farms. The tour helps to protect the environment and bring tangible benefits to the community, come and experience farm to table dining experience at the same time appreciating nature and need to protect it 

Volcanoes Park Nature conservation 

Conservation the nature for Birdwatching and Nature Walk: the activity attracts to visit areas adjacent to the park and enjoy a beautiful natural reserve with several bird species. Do a nature walk, with local communities, and take good photos for memory in an old-growth forest with an amazing refreshing breeze from high altitude mountains. Volcanoes National Park is full of rich history, fauna, and flora, brings rest and refreshment to the soul, body, and mind.